is dedicated to empowering communities by raising collective knowledge through training and purpose-driven initiatives to create opportunities and momentum that affect change.

Serving Santa Clara County Low-income Residents. A maximum of two free computers per household is allowed

How this FREE program works:

  • Complete the Survey and review the survey with a Digital Navigator via a phone call.
  • Complete the 8-hour online training program (participants may use a cellphone to complete this training).
  • Meet once in person after training is finished to complete orientation of the FREE laptop device that will be issued (not loaned) for participants to keep. At the Orientation, participants will have to provide:
    1. Valid government identification with a photo
    2. Proof of address
    3. Proof of low income or certain Government benefits

Contact us:

Text us at 833-833-7169

Call us at 408-600-0429

Email us at